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01 February 2017


Krystal from Dickie Bow Escorts

Dickie Bow Escorts are proud to introduce Krystal who we describe as the cute babe of the Dickie Bow team. It is always a real treat to have the opportunity in representing ladies who are not just naturally beautiful in their appearance but also to promote a person who is also lovely from within. It is known that we choose not to list or promote just anybody purely on image alone as we feel it takes much more than this to create a respectable agency.

On speaking with Krystal, she was confident, professional and is a lady who knows what she wants out of life and is very much aware that escorting is not always an easy career path to take. After dealing with many people from all walks of life, I have acquired a good judge of character and know our clients will feel at ease the same as I did when first speaking with her. It is no good having the most beautiful escorts that Sheffield have to offer if they are not able to conduct themselves socially in all situations they may come across. At a young yet mature age of 26, I can be proud and comfortable to represent Krystal as she has the right attributes in becoming a team player within Dickie Bow Escorts.

So boys, let me tell you what she is all about. I consider her as a true English Rose, crystal clear complexion with a youthful glow, standing a fine 5’ 6” tall with sexy, silky and smooth skin. Being relatively new to the industry, this has no reflection on her companionship ability with her dates as she loves to be in the company of a gentleman and knows what her job entails. Krystal oozes electrifying energy which is quite contagious but as her profile states, she has a calm and relaxing presence about her which makes you very comfortable when being in her company. This again is a great attribute for Dickie Bow Escorts and for the gentleman that may be new to escorting and feel unsure as to what to expect or what is expected of them on their private date.