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19 December 2016


Shaken not stirred

Champagne is a classy drink but the thing about it is, not everyone likes it and it’s not everybody’s favourite beverage. If you are out and desire a little change in your life, why not try a delicious cocktail. Different colours, tastes, textures and types, how can anyone not find one they like. When it comes down to cocktails, The Screaming Orgasm has to be at the top of our list. Long, sweet, creamy, extremely strong and topped with a cherry on the top. Does this not sound a little familiar to you?

Our Sheffield escorts at Dickie Bow are all of the above and more. When spoilt with a few of these cheeky little drinks, you will be constantly reminded of the experience you have shared with one of our most sophisticated ladies that Sheffield has to offer. Believe me, try once and you will be hooked forever. Whether our beautiful escorts are engaging in private companionship or out with their girl friends painting the town red, they love time out to sit, enjoy and relax in many of the excellent cocktail bars in the City of Sheffield including Soyo, Rockingham Street, Wig & Pen, Campo Lane and The Great Gatsby on the lively and vibrant Division Street. If you would like to join them, just pick up the phone, we are only a phone call away. Cocktail time with our high class escorts in Sheffield would be an excellent place to begin your private date, especially if you are a little nervous and want a more relaxed approach with the time you wish to spend together. Who knows, after a little experimenting with a few of the different cocktails available, you could be in for a real treat of a personal blend of total intoxication shaken up by your own Dickie Bow escort. What happens there after is totally up to the both of you!

So the next time you are out and about in Sheffield or just visiting, and want to experience something a little different, go ahead be a little spontaneous, call Dickie Bow Escorts as your cocktail time together is sure to leave you well shaken and stirred.