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Please Note: Text messages and withheld calls will be ignored

Terms and Conditions


Booking Policy

Our ladies are very precious to us and to ensure their total safety, we require the following information before any booking can be arranged. Any questions asked of you are private and confidential. Your discretion is paramount to us but please appreciate this information and process is necessary and is for security purposes only.

Outcall to Home Address

Your full name, address and landline number.

Outcall to Hotel

Your full name, hotel name, address and telephone number along with your room number and booking reference number. (Please note if staying in a hotel, your companion will not leave for her journey until we have confirmed you are checked in). Please make sure we can contact your room to confirm this. If you call from your hotel room, it may show as a witheld number which we do not accept so if this is the case, please email all the above details that we require for your booking and we will contact you by telephone.

  • All calls from witheld numbers will not be answered.
  • All personal details will be discarded once the booking has ended.
  • We only offer appointments with a minimum of 1 hour.
  • One person per booking. (Couples booking can be arranged upon request).
  • If you require a specific companion out of area, please contact us as extra travel costs may apply.

Time with your Companion

Once we have telephoned your place of stay to confirm your booking, your companion will begin her journey to you. If we are unable to make contact with you, the appointment will not go ahead. (Our escorts take great time and effort to look their very best for you, not to mention travel costs. This is before your date even begins so we need to confirm all is well to avoid any unnecessary costs and wasted time).

Greeting and Payment

On the arrival of your beautiful companion, of course we appreciate you are excited for your date to begin. At this point, full payment of the correct fees in GBP £ (the only method of payment we currently accept) is required immediately for the time you will be spending together. Please do not be offended when your chosen companion then counts your payment. (This is company procedure and we understand mistakes can occur so any discrepancies at this point can be dealt early to eliminate any embarrassment for all parties). Your companion will then telephone our office, which is also company procedure, to let us know she has arrived safely and your date can then commence.

This process is vital so our efficient, reliable and professional services we offer are always maintained to the highest of standards.

End of your time together

We all know time flies when you are having fun, but unfortunately, all things come to an end. When that time comes, your companion will contact our office and let us know she is safe and well. We will discard any personal information you have supplied to us that was required for your booking.

Extra time required?

If you wish for your escort to stay longer than your agreed time, this of course can be arranged but before doing so your companion will telephone our office to ensure we can accommodate this for you. Payment for extra time agreed must at this point be paid again in GBP £ and in advance. If funds are not available, the time taken in obtaining such funds will not be added to the time with your companion. Again your companion will telephone our office once your private date has ended.

Out of area appointments

If you require a specific companion out of area this may be arranged so please contact us regarding this. Please note that extra costs may apply depending on travel distance.


We appreciate things pop up unwanted and unexpectedly, if this is the case and you need to cancel your appointment that is no problem at all but we require a minimum of 1 hour notice. If your companion arrives and you have to cancel, a short notice cancellation charge of £40, to cover the escort's travelling expenses and time, would be very much appreciated. If you do not honour this, we will refuse any future bookings with Dickie Bow Escort Agency.



Dickie Bow Escorts is an introductory service between our client and their chosen companion. Fees paid to our ladies are purely for her time, companionship and travel only.  All of our escorts are self employed and Dickie Bow Escorts act solely as their introductory agent and nothing else.  Anything of a personal nature that may or may not occur between a client and their chosen companion is the choice between two consenting adults who are of legal age and does not involve nor is a service provided by Dickie Bow Escorts.